lundi 28 juin 2010

Chaton érudit

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  1. Il est craquant ce dessin !
    Je t'ai répondu sur Caramel pour l'arrosoir.

  2. Je n'aime pas repasser, mais chez toi oui !!!

  3. Quite good, dear friend! I see that all of your last posts are drawings and paintings -I guess you are struck with inspiration? (it is a play on words on the expression "being struck by lightening" - hope you understand what I'm trying to say...?)

  4. Hello Janet, thank you for being gone, yes I understand about what you write ...
    These days I have been overbooked, and write as demand more concentration than in my own language, I contented myself with flutter on your blog without my express, but it is a place where the forage is very nice!
    There is a Jeannette ArtQuid on, but no work, do you?
    In fact nearly 1,000 artists from around the world show. A large majority of French, European, Canadian and of a dozen of Americans, one or two Chinese, etc .... I love the diversity.
    See you soon here or on your blog.

  5. Génail aussi ce chat il fait aussi de la lecture hihihi

  6. Tous mes chats sont des surdoués, ainsi que Piper mais pas de tout repos !


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